15 January 2018

Ride up to high mountains, during the winter!

If you wanna ride around the mountains already in January and February, the best place for it may be Tenerife, where the weather is guaranteed to be the best for planning a training camp or biking holiday. Due to their unique locations, the popular tourist regions of the Canaries, Costa Adeje, Los Americanos and Los […]

How to plan your bike holiday, or trainning camp

The cold season is upon us, the season when many bicyclists plan base training(s) or bike vacations to overcome the apathy stemming from the rough weather.  As a reflection on the above, we have collected a few questions and thoughts for you to consider: What is our goal? My biker acquaintances often do not define […]

Will Strength Training Weigh Down a Cyclist? No, indeed!

Lots of cyclists dont dare doing strength training in the gym because they are afraid of losing their skeletal muscle structure, a goal that is based on professional riders’ looks… This is a misbelief! The answers are lower, in recently published article by Chris Carmichael, ex coach of Lance Armstrong, hopefully busting some myths in the […]

The winter bike, gears for slippery road conditions

Those who routinely cycle in the winter season should not only consider what is appropriate training routine and clothing, but should also either get a winter bicycle or adapt an already existing one for the winter. Although this article is about technology, we want to call your attention to the following: Without appropriate experience and […]

5 tips for winter riders

We would like to give a few tips to those who enjoy training in the winter and hop on a bike in subzero temperatures as well. 1. Do not take any risks in subzero temperatures! The most important rule is not to take risks when the mercury drops below freezing; do not take risks on […]