E-bike Test Days in Visegrad – 28 pedelecs were tested

For the first time ever in Hungary, Visegrád hosted a weekend-long e-bike test session on 7-8th of October, 2017 with 80 participants, organized by RideHard.hu & the popular Budapest based K2 bike shop.

The visitors had a chance to test ride 28 different E-bike models at the scenic royal capital located in the Danube Bend, to experience why the electric pedal assist bicycle have taken the European and overseas markets by storm.

Different type of these so-called Pedelec bike models were available, from prestigious brands like Scott, Cube, Specialized and KTM. Several types of excursions were organized during the weekend, featuring shorter and longer distances, on pavement as well as on trails, with varied difficulties. The most challenging ride visited Prédikálószék mountain peak, providing the ultimate test for the E-bikes on offer.

In course of the test rides, the visitors had a chance to experience climbing hills with ease, thanks to the motor assistance provided by these modern Pedelec e-bikes. Everybody were able to conquer the peaks with energy to spear, fully embracing the unmatched panorama of the Danube Bend. This made the program ideal for older and less athletic riders as they were be able to keep up with the experienced participants.

The test days in Visegrád also provided the chance to learn about the technical aspects of the modern e-bikes, the experts from K2 bike shop were glad to explain all the details. After the rides, the participants had a better idea which type and brand of e-bikes are the most suitable for their riding style.

There were 28 available top of the line pedelec e-bikes. Depending on the selected electric assist modes, the e-bikes allow the rider to put in as much effort as desired, but still providing the feeling of accomplishment. Half the available bikes were cross/trekking types, and we also offered mountain bikes, some featuring hi-tech carbon-composite frames. The list of models was the following:

Mountain bike pedelecs: Scott E-Spark Tuned, Scott E-spark 710, Scott E-Genius, Specialized Levo FSR 650b+, Cube Elite Hybrid C:62 Race 500 carbon 29er, Cube Elite Hybrid C:62 SL 500 carbon 29er, Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500, Cube SUV Hybrid Pro 500 650B, KTM Macina Force, KTM Macina Kapoho, KTM Macina Fogo

Cross/trekking, for men, ladies and unisex e-bikes: Scott e-Sub Tour Unisex, Scott e-Sub Sport 20 Lady, Scott e-Sub Sport 20 Man, Scott e-Silence 10, Cube Touring Hybrid 400, Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 400, Specialized Vado 3.0, KTM Macina Sport 10 CX5i man, KTM Macina Cross 10 CX5i lady, KTM Macina City, KTM Macina Bold, KTM Macina Fun